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Comments made by sunny65

County Services Questioned

I can relate to this woman and her problems trying to get the county to help her with her hunger problem. I have been trying to get assistance for over four months, I am out of money, cannot find work in SD county, and now i am in the beginning stages of starvation. Unlike her, I actually was approved by my case worker, N. Diaz, worker # ME08 out of chula vista, I spoke with her once on the phone after a meltdown , due to no none at social services bothering to call me back from my initial registering for assistance to start, i was granted a month and a half worth of assistance. Unfortunately, I made the grave error of not sending in a form i thought had nothing to do with me, as it kept mentioning references to children, which i have none. i recieved a letter stating that i was to be discontinued from the program for not returning the form, I frantically called numerous times and left messages explainining that i was not aware of what was needed, none of which were returned. after three months thinking i had been discontinued from the program, i recieve another letter in the mail stating that my food stamps were being discontinued as i had not used what i did not know i had in my account after 135 days, i called the EBT number for the account balance on my card to find about 261.00 of credit. I called again to tried getting my case worker to call me back to rectify things, and ...crickets. For over four months now, i have left messages, tried to get someone on the phone from the county, explaining my error and the fact that i am rapidly starving to death, and ...crickets...again I left a message to A. Lopez worker # ME02 explaining my grave situation in the hopes to hear from someone , and nothing. As i write this, I am suffering from stomach aches between bouts of sleep to supress the pain of my empty stomach. I dont know what else i can do at this point, SD social services is ridiculous, I have lost any faith i had in recieving assistance, that now for me, has become a cry for dire help unanswered. I dont know what my status is to be after this point. I am in crisis at this point, but SD social services is too busy investigating fraud, to give a toss I guess when i'm dead, they might only then realize that my case was not fraudulent, which should be sometime very soon. Thanks for listening. Social Services didn't.

October 16, 2011 at 10:45 a.m. ( | suggest removal )