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Comments made by sunshinehull

Is Your Shared Bed A War Zone?

I am Jessica from Hillcrest, with the ex-husband who fell asleep on couch every night, and I wanted to follow up since calling in yesterday.
Thank you, WinterAkita for your considerate words. I feel very affirmed! ;)

I didn't mention that we did try the TV in our room, but it would stay on all night once he fell asleep, and the incessant flicker made me restless. I set the "sleep" time so it would turn off, but he wouldn't ever activate it.
The one thing I didn't try is one of those princess/diva-type eye-masks. But he also sweated profusely (a whole other subject), so I tried my best to look on the bright side of him being on the couch. Honestly, the intimacy suffered.

It was interesting; one of the callers behind me mentioned that her oscillating fan helped drown out her partner's snoring. I now have the inverse of that with my new partner, who sleeps with a very loud fan. I was discouraged at first, wondering if this is just my lot in life with the men I love. But I found the softest earplugs at Target and RiteAid (actually marketed as "for ladies", and hot pink) and the first time I wore them to bed, I slept like a champ!

I was speaking with a newly wedded friend who has lived with her new husband for 12 years, and his evening ritual is to play video games at the foot of the bed, and for her, this is comforting, because he is close at hand.

Thank you, again for taking my call. I love you, Maureen!

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