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Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

Thank you, Pat, for the correction.

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Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

I'd like to know where this reporter got the figure that an inmate can earn up to $100 each day. This article reads: "Jobs start at $.50 per hour; half goes to a restitution fund and half goes to the inmate, and it’s possible for an inmate to earn up to $100 a day." The first two parts of the sentence go together, but I'm unable to see how earning 25 cents each HOUR will accrue much money. If you worked 24 hours a day, you'd only make $6 at 25 cents an hour. I realize that a few - very few - inmates are able to earn higher wages, but I highly doubt the $100/day figure --- especially when contrasted with this statement from the accompanying story: some inmates "work at a prison job where they make very little money every month, ranging anywhere from $7.00 to maybe $130 if you work in a really good job like inmate day labor or PIA as a lead man." -- Note, that's $130 per MONTH, not DAY. Such careless reporting perpetuates the myth that prisoners are no-good scumbags living it easy off of taxpayers. Also, the majority of inmates in CA prisons DON'T work for pay. In fact, the majority don't even take a single rehabilitation, substance abuse, or vocational education class (despite 80% having a need for substance abuse treatment alone). Don't believe me? Read Joan Petersilia's comprehensive review:

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