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Comments made by svtyone

Roundtable: Where Are We With Medical Marijuana?

who decides what people get to do these interviews. they didnt talk about the real issue at all. the reason the ordinance didnt pass was simple. not enough zones accross the city and shut them all down for an estimate year long permit proccess. deliverys are a good way to solve the problem except some people dont feel safe buying there meds from a passenger seat or a stranger in there home. me personally it feels to much like the old days. im not in it to break the law or be cool anymore. i have had very good personal expiernces with marijuana and have no criminal record or even a speeding ticket.since my fun days i am now working full time and using mmj for pain relieve.and its not a gimick. you see healthy people going into dispenceries cause not everyone uses a wheelchair or has a limp and only wieghs 95lbs. my grandma has ms and goes to work everyday and walks without a limp even though she is blind in one eye.i use it for a elbow injury. every dispencery will tell you they want to be regulated and taxed. but dont shut them all down. like the caller said many delivery services run from dispenceries. so shut down the dispenceries shut down the deliverys.its time to stop fighting california just passed a bill that allows citys to have regulations and taxe there the dispenceries. its time to put this on the commercial market and take offf the black market. nixon put it there and its our job to take it off. i blame nixon for all the slaying in mexico. way to go nixon. my ranty is over think the issue really hard

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Medical Marijuana Regulations Finally Set In San Diego

they say this is better than no reg. well this is true they now have a set of rules that makes it im possible to open a dispencery. thats exactly what the poor hurt county of san diegos need. now all the teenagers and younger yet kids will stop smoking marijuana. our streets will see no more crime, and we can walk the streets safley at night. thank you city council for enforcing these cartel favoring youth helping laws. i know from a being a witness. these dispenceries are killing the black market. my old dealer is now out of buisness due to all of his clientale going med. but he has re hung the grow lights and ready to sell to whoever is willing to buy. so children dont worry you will have access to you r herrb easier than ever once these street dealers get back and runnin strong. the city doesnt realize there doing more bad than good for the community. but atleast they have there regulations lol i would love to talk to any one council member who supported this and show them the real facts. god they are dumb.lets make this the biggest public display of city goverment debate.

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