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Comments made by syberspot

President Obama Outlines Goals For Middle East

Ehopida - I don't think anyone takes international law serious. Not even the UN. They've alienated Israel too many times to have any sway there:

But regardless, when a reliable force to prevent rocket attacks against Israel is found (note I say reliable which rules out Hamas which has failed to do so even during the cease fire and it rules out U.N. peacekeepers which would pull out as soon as the militants politely requested it) then you will have removed Israel's only legitimate reason to be in those territories.

I'm not saying either side is in the right. But there's an issue that needs to be addressed. The way I see it, Israel will refuse to pull out unless there's some way to guarantee that rocket attacks will stop. It's a tragic self reinforcing situation: Israel gets rocketed, politics there swings towards defense issues, crackdowns occur and inflame tensions, more rocket attacks happen. The cycle needs to be broken.

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President Obama Outlines Goals For Middle East

Assuming Israel did go back to the 67 boarders, can they get a guarantee that there will be peace or will there be a constant demand for more concessions no matter how much they give up?

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