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Comments made by tecumthe

Exploring The "Liberal Gene"

This segment on air was deeply troubling. The nervous laughter, elitist subtext and self-rightous rationalization showed that the guests and host understand that this is a dangerous and misguided endeavor.

I was appalled at the caller who accused "Republicans" of lack of diversity. The Republican party has always been the party of civil rights. It was started as Abolitionist, and it overcame the opposition to civil rights by Lyndon Johnson and eventually even convinced him to join the civil rights movement through political pursuasion! Martin Luther King agreed as a "Republican."

Handouts and deception have convinced many Americans to vote based on pigmentation, and it is THAT social pressure and misinformation that stands between modern conservatives and minorities. To blame "Republicans" for lack of diversity is absurd. It is diversity of thought and individuality opportunity that is the sole concern of modern conservatism

Moreover, the Tea Party movement is cleansing the conservative movement of the Rockefeller elitism and good-ole boys networks. This may be the moment in history that humanity looks back upon and points to as the moment Dr. King's dream is reborn, the civil and individual rights and opportunities that have been given to us by our creator are affirmed, and the American idea of individual opportunity is conserved for posterity.

I cannot say with certainty that the Republican Party will be the vehicle of individual and civil rights in the future, but I can ask for your support of the Tea Party movement because it is the modern civil rights movement.

November 1, 2010 at 12:53 p.m. ( | suggest removal )