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Comments made by terrieR51

The Roundtable: Can Dog Attacks Be Prevented?

I don't believe Pit Bulls should be banned from San Diego County because of random attacks by some. First of all, other dogs may do the same thing -- it is not a breed-specific occurrence. Although some dogs of any breed or mix have some genetic disposition to being aggressive, most do not, and if they are raised properly and given rules and boundaries and treated with gentleness, they do not tend to attack people. Even the Vicktory dogs, taken from the dog fighting ring, have been rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, and have found new forever homes with no problems.

We have had dogs for 43 years and, although we do not have a pit bull, we have met MANY at our dog park and Coronado dog beach, as well as some that belong to friends, and have never had any problem whatsoever with any of them. Most of them are very sweet. The only issue we have ever encountered is that they sometimes do not know their own strength or weight and can knock people or other dogs down -- but we've seen that with LOTS of big, strong dogs.

June 24, 2011 at 12:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )