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Comments made by thersant

Google Maps Tell You When The Bus Is Coming

Jolly good show! The more we make public transport rider friendly the more it will be used. A late bus, under this scheme, will allow the waiting rider to contact his destination that he will be approximately X minutes late for his arrival. Never nice to be late in our culture so when you are it is good form to inform folks of your updated arrival time.
Good for Google, good for MTS.

June 8, 2011 at 4:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Why Are SDPD Misconduct Complaints Increasing?

According to the City's Civil Service website the minimum qualifications for Police Officer 1 include a HS diploma or GED. There is some face validity to requiring a bachelors degree in criminal justice or an equivalent discipline. The physical fitness requirements allow the system to screen for the ability to chase and handle victims but the mental discipline of completing a collegiate degree would be a needed plus.

June 5, 2011 at 10:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Future Uncertain For Death Penalty In California

As I read the posts above I note agreement that the death penalty is not a deterrent for new criminals. It does keep properly convicted killers from repeating.

Yet if a properly convicted killer kills during his/her life sentence then it only deters killings outside the prison. Thus, again, it is not a deterrent in its own right but only by virtue of protecting the public from escaped Lifers.

Recidivism amongst released convicts, such as the ones referenced by getharveys, is greater or lesser depending on the astuteness of review panels. It is also inevitable given the nature of human decisions regarding humans. Never a perfect science, at least to date.

Death penalties clearly have a 100% success rate at preventing recidivism among the guilty and the innocently convicted as well.

So if deterrence is not the benefit desired and recidivism is inevitable to a greater or lesser extent let us focus on making it lesser and avoiding the injustices and expenses expounded so well by philosopher3000.

Thank you and good day.

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New State Law Decriminalizes Possession of Marijuana

Such sumptuary laws have no place in a criminal justice system. Regardless of the merits or demerits of cannabis consumption the proper focus should be public education, not incarceration. By most accounts its consumption has less negative impact than the two more common drugs: alcohol and tobacco.

Time to applaud our legislators and former governor on allowing this public health issue to be removed from our courts and police systems.

January 11, 2011 at 12:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Shooting Fallout: Political Rhetoric Takes The Heat

Civil discourse has indeed become uncivil in our media. And the media's intent and success is to influence.
If advertisers support and listeners/viewers subscribe to rants the nature of the influence is digested. We are what we eat.
I recall my secondary and collegiate hunger for truth. It was ever fed and never satisfied. Truth, I came to see, was always complex and not simple. (The Ocham's Razor principle, incidentally, is not inconsistent with this realization.)
Rants need to be based upon some absolutes in order to justify their accompanying self-righteousness. In matters social, religious and political absolutes are absolutely subjective. If one chooses to loudly proclaim their subjective truth the blighted heretics can be dismissed in several ways; incivility is not requisite yet it seems common.
If our media ranters would be so humble as to forgo claims of truth and adopt tolerance to those who differ, civility would return to our national diet of debate. And such painful indigestion as we are now feeling because of AZ would surely be reduced. I hold this truth to be self-evident.

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California Politics Go To Pot

Regarding the question about how a state can legalize marijuana unilaterally when the federal government continues to have it listed as a drug of no merit and illegal to dispense or use?
First of all, it is not a proper question in that a state cannot legalize what the federal government makes illegal. Instead, each entity has jurisdiction over its own law enforcement system. If a state chooses to prohibit use of its law enforcement systems (state, county and city) in a particular arena then all that leaves is the federal law enforcement at issue.
So I submit that we have seen how some laws are enforced and some are not. If the feds decide to allocate some of their law enforcement resources to this it would likely be at the highest levels of interstate transport and sales.
This is indeed a market issue too and we have no good data and lots of guesses as to how the proposition's passage would/will effect market prices, reduce or redirect law enforcement and penal resources, etc. But as far as the law goes, we can see the states' rights issue at the center of it all.

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A Vision For San Diego's Waterfront?

Kudos to the Port District for its willingness to be visionary in these anti-public spending times. Takes more than a vision, it takes courage.

And additional kudos to the Coalition for being a voice to increase the quality of the vision. It indeed slows down the process; the price to pay for a more clear and impressive vision.

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SD Unified Student Test Scores Improve Despite Budget Cuts

One has to wonder at what it will be like when the budget cut impacts cycle through to the point of test score changes. This story says that what the district was doing prior to the cuts was working on improving scores.

Educational system impact takes it's time to be realized. And with a highly, make that HIGHLY complex system it will be hard to tell what specific results are due to or regardless of the budget cuts.

None the less, as a free market person one has to hold to the thought that one gets what one pays for.

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Video: Flash Mob In Koolhaas-Designed Seattle Central Library

True public art in a classy public setting. Let's hope our artistic mobsters can treat us to such spontaneity too.

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