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Comments made by thomas247

Reducing Calif. Prison Population

CCPOA is the culprit strongarming and taking through heavy overtime paid for by taxpayer's. Really though the manipulated per capita, per inmate cost is fraud. 70% of inmate's per year cost goes directly to the "prison-guard's" / correctional officer's for supervision. This is total waste over 100 grand total packages a year no major degree or brain's needed for everyday cattleprodding, shuffling of inmate's s. Upon observing a California prison in Tracy ,Ca. All I observed was: "Shut the FU@@ up , get in your house",walk in straight line all these dehumanizing repetitious control tactic's. Which just make the prisoner's even more hardened by the system. Observed the guard's/CO's provoking enticing the inmates as if they, "the prison guard's " are in fear for there safety as displayed through the media to justify the mean's for this system. Really it is'nt "public-safety" it's number's of bodies like commodities to be passed off to the taxpaying public as "public-safety". JOB SECURITY!! Really the CDCR CCPOA bank's on this broken system faithfully. Rehabilitation !! HA!! Only programmed through extreme deprivation/isolation and psychologically exploiting the prisoner's for the worst. Yes, CDCR was and is a successfull failure on the mission of correction's and rehabilitation.Self-serving entity need's to be stripped and deunionized all together.These elephant's only got fatter sitting in those swivel chair's eating,gossiping and too much time to kill not working at much of nothing except how to defraud the Californian's out of more money in the name of "public safety". Most recently CDCR re-adopted the R in CDCR as originally known as CDC CA department of correction's. How politically appropriate to switch revert to the original all the while lacking the "R" rehabilitation. This is where education went into the prison guard's pocket backed by CCPOA guard's union. Education prevent's the youth and adult's from being a statistical fact fixated into dollar $$ signs for some overpaid gestapo babysitter's playing GOD over the disenfranchised incompacitated men and women serving time behind fences and wall's. This is big bussiness with self-serving, self-interest of continuation for justification of mean's. Throughout the year's before the sub-prime and reccessional impact. CCPOA has squandered billion's till when the state is broke and the money followed. In closing: Proposition 66 in 2004 was backed by billionaire Henry T Nicholas who is indicted on fraud, sex , drug charge's. Imagine that the ammending of three strikes was defeated due to a billionaire who was serving interest of CDCR and the union CCPOA. How does a crook pay to keep three strike's and keep's CDCR personnel job safe and is facing the same three-strike's?Knowing this man will never serve a day in prison or jail for that matter. This is what's wrong with California too many politician's backing this system and it's money for self-interest not "public-safety".

March 22, 2010 at 12:03 p.m. ( | suggest removal )