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Comments made by thomasjefferson

National City Cutting Services Despite Recent Sales Tax Increase

A sales tax is a tax that affects the poorer members of our community more. It takes a big chunk out of a small budget. Paying 10% of your income for goods does not hurt you as much if you make a miillion dollars. If you make 40000 dollars you are paying a bigger percentage of your income which takes a way money for food and other necessities.
The real culprit and solution is changing the constitution that Proposition 13 severely limited .
How can you run a county and pay for services for citizens like school, fire dept. police dept. libraries, roads and sewer upkeep when you have large landowners paying taxes on the value of their property at 1976 prices
.Because of this 1978 amendment/referendum to the constitution I don't trust any public referendums that are before the people because the people can't always understand the long term ramifications of what they vote on.

August 13, 2010 at 10:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )