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Comments made by thompsonrichard

Peters Denounces Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling; DeMaio Responds

"But that was Monday!
Today is Thursday!"

Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan said the court had betrayed a promise it made on Monday in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores.

“Those who are bound by our decisions usually believe they can take us at our word,” in Thursday's dissent, written by Justice Sotomayor, said. “Not so today.”

Maybe it was "a bait on purpose laid to make the speaker mad."

For Scott Peters it is just a matter of votes among of the crucial cohort: the young females. At least Carl deMaio doesn't overreact. It wasn't clear how the "closely held" for-profit company religious exception worked anyway.

When both/all the Republicans/Democrats voted the most recent federal budget they unanimously supported the National Security Administration. DeMaio said he'd have voted "no."

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GI Bill Funds Flow To For-Profit Colleges That Fail State Aid Standards

I did accept employment as a teacher with the San Diego branch of the University of Phoenix, but I was fired after my second night of teaching.

I sent a demand letter that I receive the full amount of money that I would have received had I completed our contract -- and they paid me the full amount -- so I can't discuss my wearing pajamas to class.

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Is San Diego Ready For Sky Tram Linking Downtown To Balboa Park?

As a Diamond Club member of the San Diego Zoological Gardens, one of the first things that I do after entering at 9:00/10:00 am is to take the Skyfari. It gives an overview of downtown and the skyline of East San Diego -- and it puts you near Polar Bears and away from the thundering herd of tourists.

I recommend a minimum operable segment of this second skyfari from 3rd and Broadway to the El Cid Plaza.

Some stupid MTS planners cancelled the # 7 buses from downtown on Sundays; since there are no transfers, the hotel dwellers/convention goers from downtown often wait for hours for a # 7. They could take taxis for less money, and the aerial tranway would be delightful experience! There are 3,500 biotechnicians in town today thru Wednesday.

This morning I rode the Ferry from the foot of Broadway to Coronado and then back to the Convention Center, then the Santee Trolley to SDSU where I'll swim in one of the pools. I called my brother in Paso Robles from the Ferry deck and I also called and a Chinese friend who works at Xinhua News in NYC (did you know Times Sq. is owned by them?). I invited them separately and jointly to the world famous San Diego Zoo.

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Judge Tosses Some Claims Against SDPD In Sex Misconduct Case

An unusual Hawaii law allowed police officers to have sex with prostitutes in the course of investigations. But HB 1926 changes the law so that police can still solicit sex but cannot engage in sexual penetration or sadomasochistic abuse on the job. Signed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie June 23, 2914.

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Pelosi Praises High-Speed Rail Funding

Bakersfield is the next stop after Los Angeles, Dagney. (Merced would be the next stop after Fresno). I left Yosemite Valley in the late afternoon -- transferred to the Amtrak at Merced, transitted Fresno in the late evening (Fresno is the transfer point for Sequoia Nat'l. Park), arrived at Bakersfield Station a few minutes before midnight, changed buses, arrived in Los Angeles at 3:15 a.m., stayed on the same bus, arrived in San Diego at 6 a.m. Building the high speed rail's "minimum operable segment" (a requirement of federal funding guidelines) between Fresno and Bakesfield -- first -- makes sense. Mainly, the trackbed is on level ground, and it is straight. And it is ALREADY THERE. The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System headed for the wide open spaces. Had it been planned with municipalities in mind, Terra Haute would have received as much funding as Illinois. Had it been planned with States in mind, Rhode Island would have received as much money as Wyoming.

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Pelosi Praises High-Speed Rail Funding

The Shinkansen bullet train system topped the list of 100 innovative projects, technologies and products that have made a significant contribution to Japan’s well-being, according to a list by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation released earlier today (see: Japan Times)..
Shinkansen, which came into service in 1964, was followed by instant ramen noodles, which were mass-produced by Nissin Food Products Company starting in 1958.
Sony Corp.’s Walkman portable music player, launched in 1979, ranked third.
Hybrid vehicles, home-use video game consoles and software, manga and anime, and conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, were also high up on the list.

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Kids In Juvenile Detention Face Risk For Violent Death As Adults

It isn't the recidivism, JeanMarc, i.e. the tendency toward chronic crimes leading to numerous arrests and re-imprisonment -- it's the slaughter: "Latino women were nine times as likely to die early."

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Pelosi Praises High-Speed Rail Funding

Since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics (which germinated the Japanese Bullet Trains), billions of passengers have been accommodated without a single fatality.
The California Super Train would stop in the town of Merced. Students at that newly-minted University of California campus town could get off at the beginning of the academic session and get back on after taking their final exams.

And I could get off to take the Mariposa County Bus to Yosemite -- as I do now -- but it'd be much, much faster [getting from (and to) San Diego],

As it is, twice yearly (once before Memorial Day and once after Labor Day)
I take advantage of the California Rail Pass (7 days of travel over a 21-day period for $159). I often visit Sacramento, San Francisco, Mendocino, Chico, Lake Tahoe, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara (I'm not afraid of the average speed of 45 mph). This next time a friend will come with me. One of the great things about Amtrak travel is that one of the two of us can spend time in the observation car (if there is one) or the cafe lounge or elsewhere on the train (just pick up the tag over your seat and transfer it to another seat).
I also saw a two-seater 2Go car on my way to my trolley stop this a.m. -- and I said to myself -- no way could I fit in there!

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Chelsea Manning Says She Leaked Classified Info Out Of Love For Country

Secretary of State John Kerry isn't ruling out potential U.S.-Iranian military cooperation in stemming the advance of Sunni extremists. He doesn't have a choice. It'll take less than a " muckapoo minute " for U.S. military leaders to say they left things in tiptop shape; hence blameless in the matter.

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Chelsea Manning Says She Leaked Classified Info Out Of Love For Country

Her account in the NY Times herein cited is the least weird I've read in the last three years about Iraq. Doesn't " Mr. muckapoo1 " have any reservations at all about our Iraq policy given the successful revolution in the second largest city this week?

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