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Comments made by thompsonrichard

Average Wait For VA San Diego New Patient Care Is 44 Days

I skipped a few appointments while I was in Yosemite -- so I ran out of three (of ten) medications. I informed my Pharm Doc Nina in Mission Valley Clinic and she arranged that I receive the wayfarin the next day by overnight FedEx but the other two medications sent by USPS arrived the second day.

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San Diego Airport Seeking Public Opinion On Long-Term Plan

Stalin made a pack with Hitler. Did that make him a Nazi sympathizer? I do agree with your comment about the Olympics, no-soup-for-you.

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San Diego Airport Seeking Public Opinion On Long-Term Plan

According to the 1998 Jewish World Review a man whose initials were C, A, L (Chas. A. Levine) flew the Atlantic in 1927: "He was an irascible, pompous, difficult man to work for and he lost his advantage by engaging in trivial arguments on how to equip his plane and who should fly it."

FDR, appalled by the Lone Eagle's anti-semitism, refused to restore his colonelcy when Lindbergh wanted it back. Nevertheless, Lindbergh went on to fly 50 combat missions in the South Pacific during World War II. MacArthur was impressed -- and Eisenhower (when President) restored the Lone Eagle's colonelcy. And promoted him Brigadier General.

The premise of Agatha Christi's Murder on the Orient Express is that just the one crime of the kidnapping and murder of the first born of Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Charles A. Lindbergh qualifies to exonerate a most unusual extralegal proceeding.

It may be argued that FDR's hatred for the first man to take off from New York City and land in Paris on the same day originated because FDR wanted to take on Hitler before Hirohito (even after Pearl Harbor) and Charles A. Lindbergh just might have stood in his way.

My father was a B-17 pilot who crossed the channel repeatedly to bomb Germans good / bad / indifferent. In recent memory, members of the Lincoln Brigade who hadn't died yet, sang "May the Circle Be Unbroken" at memorial services for those who had; I asked one of the survivors about the numbers tattooed on her wrist. "Is that what I think it is?" "Yep, Auschwitz." "Aren't you mad at the Germans for what they did to you?"

"No, I had it coming. You see, in street fighting before the war, I killed many of those brownshirt bastards!"

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Muslim San Diego Residents Call For Halal School Lunches

Sharia Law forbids compound interest; so the U.S.Treasury Department has a secret plan to create a "one world" currency.
Creationism is fact, global warming is a hoax, health care reform will send kids on "abortion field trips." Sharia Law is coming to middle America, so Michelle Obama wants to force all women to breast feed.
A paranoid isolationist, lowbrow conspiracy theorist, heavily tanned, shellacked, fundamentalist Christian zealot is waiting in the wings to run for the U.S. Presidency. We haven't been informed who he or she is yet but this Automaton, an anti-choice anti-gay throwback will be funded by the Koch brothers.
Easily the flat-out nuttiest candidate ever, he or she wants to lead Peking-Duck among others to salvation by proscribing Halal lunches at wait -- just one minute -- my old high school -- Crawford!

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Poverty Among Holocaust Survivors Hits A Nerve In Israel

Has poverty among Americans of Japanese Descent -- specifically, those who were captured in California during World War II -- hit a nerve among my fellow Californians?

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What Three College Pals Say About Their Dreams in China

I've lived and worked in China and this story is dubious at best. Is it about guanxi, homosexuality, or the one-child policy? I've known a woman for thirty years. She and her husband have remained childless. She said she didn't want one of the "little emperors." Her parents were provincial teachers. She has travelled in many countries. And she has risen to a high position owing to a good brain and hard work (she drives a Volvo coupe)..

Besides, if the locale is Beijing, the big story last winter was pollution.

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Obama, Pelosi In La Jolla For Fundraiser At Qualcomm Co-Founder’s House

I attended a talk by the longest serving (former) U.S. Ambassador to China Tuesday at UCSD and it was said that the Jacobs and former UC President Richard Atkinson were there. The speaker was extremely well-informed, soft-spoken and astute. Certainly the 1% attend the right events -- and it was free. I don't think the IRS has been used as a political weapon. The NSA does spy on Americans. The entire San Diego Congressional Delegation voted an increase in the NSA budget. I will certainly vote for Demaio because he said he wouldn't have voted that way. I also contribute small amounts of money from time to time to the Muslim Public Affairs Council. When I read about the Coke Brothers' or the Jacobs' enormous political contributions: I find that sending $10 to the muslims and/or Demaio makes me able to lay my head on my pillow and instantly fall sleep I emailed Hillary Clinton $20 in each of the six primary races she entered after Madame Pelosi urged her to drop out.but I shall not send any more money to the Democrats -- not even if it's a pittance.

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Military Recruits May Soon Be Required To Buy Shoes 'Made in USA'

Better ask Michael Jordan...

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Proposal For Bachelor's Degrees At Community Colleges Clears Senate Committee

"Now the camel's nose is truly under the side of the tent."
Fewer and fewer local community colleges students transfer to UCSD, while that local public distinguished university no longer subscribes to any guaranteed transfer program. UCSD's acceptance rate for freshmen is now 33%. The ones accepted had high school grade point averages bloated by Advanced Placement classes (some public high schools may offer 25 such classes, while others offer few-to-none). The top 9% -- it used to be 12.5% -- of high school graduates are guaranteed admission to the University of California -- but for the most part they're relegated to the "Lesser UCs." UCLA and UC Berkeley accept more and more out-of-state and foreign students. "It's the money, stupid."

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San Diego's Community Colleges Could Soon Offer Bachelor's Degrees

UC - California Community College Transfers: 3,627. Rate: 27 percent (2013)

The Legislature passed SB 1440 in fall 2010 because the transfer process no longer adequately served students (owing to the differing requirements at each individual school, a community college student might take dozens more units than necessary before transferring and still have to repeat courses at the university level). With a focus on transferring, many students also never completed an associate degree at the community college level, leaving them with nothing to show for their work if they didn’t finish their bachelor’s -- a real concern at California State University, where the graduation rate for transfers is 72 percent.

UC admissions -- a record 149,000 freshmen applied this year, an increase of 5 percent from 2013. UCLA’s acceptance rate fell to 18 percent (from 20 percent last year), while the acceptance rate at UC Berkeley fell to 17 percent this year (from 21 percent last year). UC Berkeley also saw a increase in applications, up 9 percent to 74,000. UC San Diego had about the same number.

University-wide admits (unduplicated counts)

Total (Class of 1918) 148,688 applied 86,865 admitted 58%

California 99,890 61,120 61%
Out-of-State 26,205 12,840 49%
International 22,593 12,905 57%

Applications from out-of-state and international students university-wide grew by 19 percent this year. UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks announced that he would be enrolling more out-of-state and international students with a goal of growing their portion of the overall UC population from 20 percent to 23 percent over the next three years. With tuition levels frozen and state funding recovering slowly from recession cuts, Dirks added, “the fact remains that we have an unavoidable need to increase revenue in line with rising expenses.” He said accepting more nonresident students did not come at the expense of Californians and part of the additional funding would be used to enroll about 50 more in-state freshman this year than last.

UC Berkeley is not the only school in the system to make a push for more nonresident students. In 2011, UC Davis announced an initiative to grow by 5,000 undergraduates by 2020. Davis’ admission rate ticked up to 41 percent this year (from 39 percent in 2013) as the university accepted 2,500 more students. Out-of-state and international applicants were up 33 percent.

Across the system, an increase of about 7,000 applicants, to a record 148,688, was driven almost entirely by out-of-state and international students, and nonresident admissions were up by 12 percent. “It’s hard to tell exactly how many out-of-state and international students we will ultimately bring in,” said Stephen Handel, UC’s associate vice president of undergraduate admissions. “They tend to accept our offer at lower rates than do California residents,” though he expects nonresidents to make up about 13 percent of the undergraduate population next year.

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