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Migrant ‘Dreamers’ Seek To Enter US At San Diego Border

Over 4,000 British passports were stolen last year in Spain alone. A convicted felon can get a U.S. passport provided that all the requirements of incarcerations are fulfilled. However, several countries do not permit convicted felons to enter their countries. At least three passengers on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight have or had stolen passports in their possession.

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San Diego's Ethics Commission Seeks To Rein In Independent Committees

Rep. Scott Peters made a point of emphasizing that he supported Iron Dome in his remarks to the San Diego Democratic Club during the last election; $429 million in funds were transferred immediately yesterday to Israel for the purpose of further Iron Dome procurement. The Iron Dome is designed to defend against rockets at a range of 4-70km. Each battery consists of a multi-subject radar, manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, and three launchers, each equipped with 20 interceptors called Tamirs. Money is the mother's milk of politics.

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What California's Orca Bill Would Mean For San Diego's SeaWorld

Sea World is too dependent on that one big show.

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UC San Diego Welcomes First Muslim Fraternity

Welcome, Alif Laam Meem! from Yours Truly R.T. (UCSD Alumnus '83)

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California Attorney General Appeals Judge's Ruling On San Diego County's Gun Rules

I disagree with Kamala: mega, ultra-rich golfers who helped to elect Kevin Falconer certainly ought to be allowed to carry guns. I disagree with an earlier KPBS-viewer post on the same matter that said "the Framers had no concept of the future, so I wouldn't declare this a victory for the Constitution. Gun violence will increase as a result of this ruling because people with no training whatsoever and 100-lbs chips on their shoulders will have permits for concealed weapons. This makes society more dangerous, not safer." The judge -- and San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore -- have it right.

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Shelley Zimmerman To Replace William Lansdowne As San Diego Police Chief

I echo the comments above by muckapoo1 and Sharon Beckas. I also think Officer Hays is not guilty on all of the charges.

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Canadian Navy Destroyer Might Be Sunk Off Mission Beach As Artificial Reef

And if the Canadian hockey team beats us again, we'll sink another one of their destroyers!!!

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Some In San Diego's LGBT Community Not Embracing DeMaio's Same-Sex Partner Ad

missionaccomplished~ I think Hillary is trigger happy -- and I support John Kerry for President. And Caroline Kennedy for Secretary of State (but that is for Kerry, should he be elected, to say). Dante converses with two Florentine sodomites from different groups: Brunetto Latini, a poet; and Iacopo Rusticucci, a politician (Cantos XIV through XVI, Inferno). Dante had the luxury of assigning his friends and enemies to very particular circumstances; reformed sodomites ended up on Mount Purgatory. The JFK (and MLK Jr) quote(s) attributed to Dante in the comments above have something vaguely to do with those who were only for themselves -- during times like these -- which the Chinese would call "interesting." I signed a petition urging DeMaio to get with his fellow Council members in the Arizona hate campaign ("... but it's a dry hate"). I quoted Hillary because she was referenced the favorable treatment the Dalai Lama received from both major parties. But Edward Snowden was the secret hero of what I was saying. Dante was right in assigning Brutus and Cassius to the inner most circle of hell, well, he believed Italy had suffered as a result of their assassination of Caesar. I'd assign both Snowden and the Dalai Lama to heaven. Save the Whales. And vote DeMaio because he'd vote against the further funding of the National Security Administration.

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San Diego Leaders Announce New Campaign To Combat Sex Trafficking

Gloria said posters were mailed out to 400 San Diego businesses this week. Under the law, businesses that fail to display the poster will be fined $500.

Farms and bus stops? That sign is taller than one of the women holding it. William Tell was a Swiss archer of the 14th century who refused to honor an unfit authority. Isn't it the practice of the public figures here to allow Westfield Inc. to skip out the payment of millions of dollars under the unfavorable Horton Plaza lease by pretending the historic fountain would be restored and a public park created? When will that happen? After the Gloria administration ends? After the Faulconer administration ends?

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