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Comments made by tijuanaledrugstore

SDSU Students And Faculty Plan To Protest Tijuana Travel Ban

Let's put it to rest.

In all tourists areas nothing happens.
Everything that happens, it happens far away from all tourists areas.

The Mexican media and the United States media are to blame for only stating some facts, rather ALL THE FACTS!

We at the Tijuana Le Drug Store know what we are saying.

Well done! and Enjoy "Tijuas"

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State University Travel Ban Stymies Scholarship


Let me explain the Reality and Perception of Violent Crimes.

"Reality of Violence"

You will never see the gruesome images of dead bodies, decapitated heads in the U.S., and yet:
In any violent crime, homicide, etc in "pick your city USA", let's say San Diego for the sake of this comment, 100% of time the victims are innocent.

"Perception of Violence"

You will always see the gruesome images of dead bodies, decapitated heads in Mexico, and yet:
In any violent crime, homicide, etc in Tijuana or Baja 98% of the time they are criminals or involved in illegal activities.

Any of the U.S citizens that were slain in Tijuana or Baja 99% of the time were either born in the U.S. with ties in Tijuana or Mexico, U.S naturalized citizens born in Tijuana or Mexico. Mostly all criminals or involved in illegal activities

Yes there is the 1% that is at the wrong time, and at the wrong place. A total of 1% innocent victims. Now compare that to the 100% innocent victims in the USA.

There also the young knuckle heads that are seeking out drugs in the wrong areas of town. And those guys get exposed to the bad guys, and the police that are looking just for them!

Most important, all news reports in both side of the borders never give all the facts.
For example, you see decapitated heads rolling down the streets, the headline or the news reader reads/says: "In the city of Tijuana...." most likely ending with the dead count for the month " far this month there have been 45 deaths in the city of Tijuana". It is always TIJUANA.

Did you know that if any of you reading this, if you were to go and get lost driving, you will not end up were all these crimes are happening?

These crime are so far away from where the tourists go, there is no chance to get expose.
Why the do the news organisations try harder in giving google map pin point locations in all the facts such as for example: "Yesterday there was shoot out with 4 casualties in the neighbourhood of Cerro Colorado, about 17 miles east from downtown Tijuana..."

We at the Tijuana Le Drug Store organise cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, conventions, etc.
I will extend an invitation to anyone that would like to come not only to Tijuana but all of Baja and show you the good of our people, and culture.

Let us be your tour guide, and in return you be our voice to your friends, classmates, professors, chancellors, deans, moms and dads, city, state officials, and tell them your experience.

I will not give any information about our building, but if you feel you would like to finish your studies, we can help. You can always visit us in cyberspace at tijuanaledrugstore


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