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Comments made by tioderif

Caltrans Holds First Public Meeting On I-5 Expansion

To answer CALTRANS, I need to only quote an American President: "Here you go again." CALTRANS has already made up their minds about the expansion of the I-5. Nothing will ever change their minds of further inflicting on North County their short-sighted solution. You could have meetings daily at every off-ramp all decrying this punishing vision and CALTRANS will continue with the expansion, nonetheless. CALTRANS is wedded to the concept that more asphalt is better. And mass transportation is contrary to their soon to be simply imposed solution for North San Diego County.

CALTRANS operates on what I call the SANDAG Principle. That is build not to solve a need but build only to increase the need and neglect the solution. Put stations where they don't do any good. Cut bus routes where they are needed. Have transportation links fail to coordinate.

People and I don't ride mass transit because:
1) It fails to go where I am going.
2) Does not run often enough.
3) Fails to link with additional transportation in a timely manner.
4) Is inconveniently located.
5) Has ever increasing fares and ever increasing cuts in service.

I attended some meetings a couple years ago about residence building along the rail/transportation line (which could also be applied to any new housing development). It was suggested that the residences should be clustered in such a way that day care centers, medium size markets, bakery/coffee shop, small diners, dry cleaners, etc would have an incentive to operate there. Having to drive a car would be an exception. Don't know what became of those suggestions.

Massive and continuing cutbacks in the North County transportation system do nothing more than put more cars on the roads that need to be expanded so more people must use their cars and not mass transportation so there can be more cuts in mass transportation to put more cars on the roads feeding CALTRANS' sole imposed solution of asphalt expansion.

Expanding the I-5, just like the expanded I-15, will not solve any problems. The real solution is to provide an exceptional, inexpensive, timely mass transportation system that will encourage people to leave their cars behind.

August 4, 2010 at 7:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Cal Trans Proposes Enlarging I-5

I live about 1 block from the I-5 in Oceanside. I have freeway noise constantly day and night. Now you want to bring that noise and pollution even closer to my bedroom just to please some person from Orange County! No! I say. You plan an LA-style interchange just over a mile from my home at the 78 and I-5. You will tear out the most used Park and Ride in the County, if not the State, just to back up more traffic on both the 78 and the I-5. No! I say. Build a good, workable, inexpensive mass transit system. Think smart for once.

Let's build a freeway in your backyard and see how you like it!

June 16, 2010 at 10:02 a.m. ( | suggest removal )