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Comments made by tom1944

Port Strikes Back At U-T San Diego Proposal

A retired admiral wants me to believe him that the 10th Ave. marine terminal is a money maker? I suggest you read the numbers in today's, 2-15-2012, UT about exactly what the real numbers are. In fact, the UT says the National City marine terminal has more business than 10th Ave. I certainly don't see lots of ships out in the ocean waiting to come in the harbor to offload their cargo.

And...Just what we need. A retired admiral telling us that "The Kiss" sculpture next to the USS Midway is not art it is "schlock." Now let's see, how many naval officers have a background in art? And even if it does look like "schlock" to him, art is supposed to make one have a feeling for like or dislike. The same goes for the other port commissioners. You either like some types of art or you don't. Pretty simple concept.

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