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Comments made by torreypine

KPBS To Host 52nd Congressional District Debate

So disappointed...

First, thank you to KPBS for hosting a debate amongst candidates for California's 52nd Congressional District.

Having said that, I'm disappointed that those not currently holding elected office at the national, state, or local level were not invited. I acknowledge that it may be difficult to manage such a debate but KPBS is intentionally excluding the very people I'd most like to hear from.

I think I can judge these three candidates from their campaign statements and their record in public service; I'd be much more interested to hear from those who don't have an existing public record to see if they might be a better choice than the "known" examples.

I hope that, in absence of their participation in this debate, other candidates will be invited to speak on KPBS in another venue--perhaps a call-in, question the candidate midday show. If the best we can do is to hear again from incumbents of one office or another I think we're in real trouble as an electorate.

March 13, 2012 at 5:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )