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Comments made by travisbaker

How a Local Journalist Sees God

I'm curious as to what gives one the right to declare another person's personal beliefs to be 'delusional'. You can never empirically prove that someone who believes in God, whether it be through Buddhism, Christianity, or whathaveyou, to be incorrect, so how then are you able to attach such a stigma with wanton disregard to the evidence? Or lack thereof, in this case. This is the same type of blatant close-mindedness many atheists accuse (and rightly so, for the most part) Christians of having, and I find it to be a hypocritical, circular argument that does nothing to promote intelligent thinking. Then again, I stopped using name-calling as an offensive tactic somewhere around the third grade, so maybe I'm a little ahead of the curve.
Also, if you did write a book, perhaps Maureen would interview you if you also held a PhD, were an award winning journalist, the head of the Journalism Dept. at a University, author of several books, and the driving force behind the Writer's Symposium by the Sea- where Dr. Nelson has personally interviewed some of our nation's preeminent writers and thinkers. Just a thought, but maybe you should do a little homework on a person, before you start dropping 'delusional' so effusely.

August 24, 2009 at 2:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )