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Comments made by triplem

Tracing Your Food Back To Its Source

I have long visited Asian markets (having lived in NY 4 years). Their produce tends to be better than regular marketplace (i.e. Vons) but no less expensive, and not usually pesticide-free. The boxed goods are loaded with sodium and due to the long distances they are shipped - plenty of preservatives as well. Though an excellent source for alternative products (as well as some of the Middle Eastern markets - there's a fabulous one here in Clairemont) - I don't see these as options for more local and/or natural alternatives. Am I missing something?

I am heartened about your gardening experience. I have a small garden - and outside of my tomatoes - which go like gangbusters - the bugs seem to get my gourds and cantaloupes!

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Tracing Your Food Back To Its Source

I have young kids and some fairly severe allergies myself- and after reading up on some evidence that removing artificial coloring and nitrate/nitrites can help kids with behavioral/sensory issues - decided to go all natural.

I emptied out my pantry and spent Sunday reading labels at Trader Joe's. I spent a total of $225 on food for 1 week, though lots of it will hopefully be taken into another week.

Scientific evidence can only speak in generalities - it can't speak to individual allergies or sensitivities. Whereas my husband can eat a meal at PF Changs and have a glass of wine without worry - I know that in both cases I will need a hit from my inhaler....(MSG and sulfates both affect me that way). I suspect a large % of families would be positively impacted by better accessibility to more natural options. Dual income families, particularly, are at a disadvantage - to pursue more natural options requires much more from-scratch cooking.

Does it have to be low-end or high-end choices? Can we not retool some of our mass production? How about using schools (our has a kitchen) to pool parents together to purchase and make all-natural meals to take home when they pick up their kids?

With enough demand, we can surely find ways to find make healthier options more accessible.

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Escondido Group Carries Guns In Starbucks

I believe another famous man said 'those who live by the sword, will die by the sword".

I also think that just because you have a right - doesn't mean it's the course of wisdom to exercise that right.

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