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Comments made by tspalding

How Will School District Cut $141 Million Deficit?

I was interested by the "step in column" discussion. I learned today that a starting teacher's salary is about $35,000 p.a., and a median teacher's salary is about $68,000 p.a. I also learned that "step in column" is in place to ensure that teachers don't get stuck on that low starting salary, and to encourage teachers to stay in the classroom and not take administrative posts. I regularly volunteer in my kids' classrooms, and I see how hard the teachers work, and how well-educated and skilled the teachers are. I agree that a well-educated, highly skilled and experienced teacher should be able to make a salary above $68,000 per year. I also agree that there has to be a mechanism to allow Principals and School Districts to retrain or ultimately discharge ineffective teachers. The teachers I know, however, are excellent; they teach the entrepreneurial skills of creativity, innovation, self-discipline and self-reliance as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. As such, they deserve good salaries, benefits and the support of the community, even if that means paying an extra $8 per month in taxes. We simply cannot afford to inadequately train the workforce that will drive the country twenty years from now, when we are ready to retire.

October 6, 2010 at 10:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal )