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Comments made by ucsd07alum

Sorting Through Race Relations At UCSD

I'm concerned about escalating cultural double standards. Why, when Oktoberfest comes around, and everyone dresses and acts like Germans, is there not outrage over the "mockery" taking place? Yet when people act like Blank people they see on TV, or eat food commonly endorsed by Black culture, they are 'mocking' them? A viscous double standard!

As well, why is there no press on Jigaboo Jones, a Black individual from Compton, who publicly claims responsibility for this party? Everyone blames an allegdy "white fraternity" or "racist UCSD students". Mr. Jones publicly claims it was his party. Is he "racist" too for "hating" himself?

Also, why is there no outrage over this Web site, which is where the invite was copied? Maybe the organizers were ignorant that these aren't actual representations of Black culture, but they're not racist for coming up with it, because they simply copied a Web site:

I'm disappointed with all the finger pointing. If students feel targeted, they are justified in voicing their displeasure; but when everyone claims the organizers were intentionally "mocking" BHM, well that's just a blatant, untrue accusation! Has anyone considered that the organizers might have actually wanted to partake in Black culture? Why not let them? Why is acting Black reserved only for Black people? That sounds like a prejudice to me.

February 25, 2010 at 9:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )