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Comments made by unitedthroughreading

Prison Crisis: Parole, Rehabilitation, Reentry

The discussion today left out one important component to the success of Rehabilitation, Parole and Reentry– family unification. If the inmate is not connected to family outside, then the process he/she goes through stands a higher chance of not succeeding when they reenter the community. United Through Reading Transitions Program is a nonprofit program offered in six San Diego county facilities as part of their family unification program. It is seen as an integral part of the local reentry program in SD county as well as the Santa Barbara county sheriff’s dept. United Through Reading’s Transitions Program allows inmate parents to read a book to their child on DVD and send the book and DVD home to them to help in the transition process of reunification. It provides the children a chance to see their parent doing something positive for them; it allows the parent to connect and bond with their family at home, and most importantly it provides the parent a reason to succeed while in prison or jail. Without family unification prior to being paroled and reentering the community, there is a higher chance that the released individual will reoffend.

October 8, 2009 at 11:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )