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Comments made by usecommonsense

Oceanside Man Sparks Debate Over Airport Security Procedures

Not that long ago a Saudi Prince was almost blown up by a Suicide Bomber. This man had been aggressively patted down. Where was the bomb? Well, to be delicate, it was placed where the sun doesn't shine. NO pat down would have found that bomb unless they checked this guys prostate at the same time.

TSA is the worlds largest organization of fools. Of course, they are supported by the US Government which is the Universe's largest collection of fools. I've been to Israel and they have it dialed in. IF you look like a Palestenian (and I was traveling with an Italian who DID), you get stopped and questioned repeatedly. I'm a big white guy and I got grilled repeatedly as well. NOBODY slips through the cracks.

The only reason the "Terrorists" have not successfully blown up a plane is because they are ignorant, uneducated, tribal nomads. The master minds behind the plots are highly educated, worldly individuals. For the most part however, they are not willing to shove bombs up their behinds and blow up planes so they prey on the poor dumb ***es that think they will die in glory and be surrounded by Virgins.

Someone is murdered in this country every minute. Maybe several a minute. We don't lose much sleep over that. If we lose a plane full of people once in a while, wow, that would really suck. Spending billions of dollars and making travel such a ridiculous ordeal, is a huge win for the "Terrorists". They must be laughing their behinds off at how poorly we are handling this.

I could go on forever. I'm embarrassed to be an American.

November 19, 2010 at 9:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )