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Comments made by vanhellslinger

How Will Repeal Of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Affect San Diego's Military Community?

Gay Lions,I’ve read some articles on the subject and the one thing that they didn’t cover was:. Did any of the 1,500 or so species of lower intelligence creatures know, understand , have profound foresight, and guidance before having homosexual contact? Which leads to the second most important question, because these lower animals are not intelligent enough to understand their behavior does that mean homosexual humans are just as dysfunctional as lower animals? We humans know that anal cavity intercourse leads to serious infectious diseases, and therefore should apply our superior intelligence and avoid such acts. It appears that the articles on homosexuality in the animal kingdom are a popular propaganda tool the gays use to show that homosexuality is natural. This can be used conversely against the gay hellenization movement by simply pointing out that all of those lower animals were dysfunctional, they had a disease that left them with a hereditary malfunction, and/or they are of such a lower class of intelligence they haven’t a concrete path on the evolutionary scale. I’m sure there are other variables and factors that would certify the malfunctioning sexual identity of these creatures, and that would mean human homosexuality is also a dysfunction. Of course having a disease or one of the other less offensive names, say biological dysfunction is natural, because disease is also a fundamental force of nature.
So when gay people try and tell you homosexuality is natural, you just tell them so is a disease. Now they won’t like you very much when you say that, but the point is all the other gay animals don’t have that problem. Homosexual lions don’t sit around and talk about the high AIDS rate among gay lions, and worry about infections. Sure the gay animals don’t have religion either. You know this whole gay attitude about homosexuality being natural really shows not only a penchant to prevaricate from intelligence but a deliberate attack on the sanctity of sanity. Yes, the left wing homosexual liberals have gone way to out of the way to present some phenomena that is completely useless. THE BOTTOM LINE; How many male lions that were observed engaging in some form of homosexual behavior, went on to live happily ever after as gay lion lovers? The answer is obviously none!
THE REAL BOTTOM LINE: The recognition of homosexuality in the animal kingdom by mainstream social science is relatively new. And with it comes new questions. My question is, if the American Psychiatric Association had obtained the knowledge of animal gay sex would they have chosen to keep homosexuality a disease? Where we once considered homosexuality inherent to only humans, (and some people still do), now we see it is a commonplace disease, dysfunction, and/or disorder found in many animals, and therefore it’s presence as a factor that didn’t have any opportunity to be included is now applicable to the reinstatement of homosexuality as a disease.

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How Will Repeal Of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Affect San Diego's Military Community?

Will Gay in Military Hurt Our Troops?
Are they kidding? The government wants to study if the repeal of DADT will hurt our troops. Now there is one billion Muslims in the world. We have all seen the TV specials on Muslims throughout the world, millions of them living in jungles, deserts, and hills that cannot read past the Koran. It will be like greasing pork to convince them that American soldiers are all homosexual perverts, after all it is mainstream news. The Imams will be able to O.K. making war against us so much easier knowing all American soldiers are homosexuals, and that’s the story they will sell. So the percentage of enemy combatants will increase and harm our troops. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, after all I did. So the real question is: Did the Demoncrats or Obama conspire to repeal DADT to deliberately push us deeper into conflict with the Muslims? Does Obama want to destroy America by dragging us down to even further depths of war depravity? Is Obama using reverse psychology to further the cause of Islam? The terrorists will use DADT as a propaganda tool to enhance recruitments, and it will work. Many Muslims are godly hardcore antigay and the thought that America (the leader in this war) is now sending homosexual soldiers to their country will only infuriate them to action. They will not abide with the notion of being conquered by homosexuals.
Another First In History
The repeal of DADT that allows gays to serve in the military openly is a major change in the way we run things, and there will be new things to come from it that we all might not have expected.
You see this repeal bill would also allow heterosexual soldiers for the first time in history to confront homosexuals face to face in the courtroom. The most important being the right to separate housing. Equal protection under the law, the same right women soldiers have been getting for decades. So this repeal may be a time to rejoice for straight soldiers, perhaps much more than the gays will ever know!
The straight soldiers can file a suit demanding equal protection under the law as soon as it’s signed by Obama into law. The female soldiers get separate housing and for the first time in history straight soldiers will have the same right or equal right to be protected as women get. Now it seems fairly obvious that such a suit would prevail, we all believe in morality, separate restrooms for transgender and gays has been a growing concern in America for years, so any lawsuit would have a high probability of winning. So this goes back to the question in the first paragraph: Is Obama a lackey of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? Is he trying to destroy us instead of helping us? Building separate barracks and housing for every branch of the military in every country we have troops could cost a trillion dollars, and all that tax money for a few thousand gay guys?

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