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Comments made by vivianan

S.D. Unified Schools Change Pregnancy Policy

Wow, I can't believe this article I just read. As a parent to three children of the San Diego Unified School District, I am disgusted that this is even allowed. If I am correct we are still responsible for our children until they are 18, so explain to me why we wouldn't be told as their guardian that they are pregnant or need medical treatment for drug abuse??????

See, to me there is no explanation, I would be beyond what words can explain angered if I ever found out that the school district kept something like this from me. I would definitely take them to court. I understand that some children our in bad situations and can't go to the parents, so I guess the question is why isn't something being done to help them out with their home situations? Why aren't the parents being punished for being abusive or have an unstable home for their children or why isn't their help for these children in whatever they are lacking at home?

If I would have heard of this sooner, I would have been at whatever meetings their were to fight this and trust I am sure that I could have rallied up many parents who felt the same way. I know this from personal experience, I was a teenage single mom and I think parents should be made aware of the situations. Sure my parents were angry but we got through it. I needed that support from them and needed them to push me to continue on the right path to my life ahead. They made me be responsible for my actions but I was still a kid and I needed my family more than the schools or programs because at the end of the day, I would be coming home to them and they were still guiding me being that I was so young. Get it, too young to make the right choices for myself without my parents......which mind you, know me better than anyone had at that point in my life.

Yes there may be some kids who have bad situations at home but, why not start finding ways to help them and stop taking the parents rights away to be aware of what is going on with THEIR OWN CHILDREN. I still can't believe this, I don't feel comfortable with my children at their schools anymore.


Mother of children from SDUSD

April 15, 2010 at 8:04 a.m. ( | suggest removal )