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Comments made by vor73

Mayoral Candidates Faulconer, Alvarez Answer Transparency Questions

While I appreciate KPBS' and the Public Insight Network's efforts in extracting this information from the candidates, I take little stock in the answers provided by either candidate.

Pre-election inquiries like this are like job interviews: Any person can sit in the hot seat and say the right things and present themselves in a certain light. It is then up to the boss (in this case, voters) to be the judge of what is said, and evaluate the person's overall character, capabilities, and fit for the job.

However, the glaring problem with this is relying on what is SAID to be any way indicative of what the potential office holder would actually DO. It's easy to SAY the right things -- much more telling is a person's past actions.

Regarding Question 6 -- While both candidates were late in their response to the VOSD's request for records, one sentence in particular from the VOSD article struck a nerve with me:

"... Faulconer didn’t turn over an email about city business from his private account even though at least one existed."

That right there is the huge difference between words and deeds, and it will be interesting to see if the voters take notice of this (and other discrepancies), or instead yawn complacently and vote strictly by party lines.

I myself would have liked to have seen Fletcher move forward -- mainly because anyone who earns the disdain from both political parties must be doing something right. There was a lot of harsh criticism about his flip-flopping of political parties, but to me that's what made him the best of the candidates -- he was beholden to none of them (unlike the two contenders who certainly ARE.)

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Personal Calendar Reveals DeMaio Met With U-T San Diego's Manchester

Papa Doug and Puppet DeMaio ... like smoke through crevices, the truth will hopefully seep out, exposing previously hidden alliances and agendas.

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