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Comments made by wagner60

Feds Urge Fluoride Levels Be Watered Down

My name is Rick Wagner a listener and contributor to KPBS. I was listening to this interview on the San Diego water fluoridation issue and have some comments. I would like Maureen to do a follow up discussion on this issue addressing the true cause of tooth decay. It must be noted in this whole fluoride discussion that it is more like a very dangerous band-aid rather than a valid solution. What is being bypass in all the discussions is what is the cause of dental carries? Simply put, the cause of dental carries is excessive sugar intake which concomitantly equates to lower dietary nutrient intake, especially essential mineral nutrients. Excessive consumption of refined sugar and grain is the cause of dental carries and should be the food being demonized if anything. Sugar is also causing our obesity and Type2 diabetes epidemics in this country. The research on this subject overwhelming shows fluoride with limited if any effect on reducing dental carries. During WW2, fluoride was effectively used as rat poison. I would really like to see Maureen spend a lot more time on discussing the issue of sugar and refined flour in our diets as well as just the overall quality and state of refinement of so much of our food supply today. A lack of fluoride in our diets is not the cause bad teeth. It is our diets. I also find it interesting that the organization behind this great mass medication experiment, the ADA, is also the greatest proponent of the use of mercury amalgams in the repair of dental carries. Mercury is the second deadliest element on the planet after plutonium. It is a toxic substance before it gets to a dentists office, becomes completely harmless when mixed with silver and nickel and put into our mouth, and yet when removed, cannot even be put into the city dump. I also would like to see the study referenced by your guest as to the number of people with dental carries in San Diego county in comparison to any other county with fluoridated water in the entire country. I do not believe one exists and that she was actually just shooting from the hip throwing out numbers. Lastly, No one has stopped to look at the source of the funds used by San Diego to fluoridate. They have come from the First 5 Commission of San Diego. They are a non-profit organization funded by tobacco taxes to provide medical care to young children whose parents cannot afford it. This is against the funding restrictions set up by the state whereby tax money is not to be used in any fluoridation project to say nothing of the reduction in medical care then available to young needy children. Maureen, should you wish to discuss any of these issues I am readily available at 858-668-0900. I am a Certified Nutritionist and also manufacture mineral supplements and so believe am well qualified to address these matters.
In good health,
Rick Wagner, M.S., C.N.

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