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Comments made by walkorbikeweekend

What Are The Keys To Living "Young, Broke & Beautiful"?

I disagree about the merits of the interview. I think it’s actually pretty positive and touches on some profound issues; the connection between money and happiness, specifically American culture and the belief that stuff and money equal happiness or lack thereof means you’re not happy. I would encourage those that didn’t find what they were looking for in this interview to listen again, focus on the underlying message and then apply those principals to your own life. Best wishes

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A Surprisingly Walkable Neighborhood


I couldn’t agree more. It’s time for a major paradigm shift and perhaps rising gas prices will give us a gentle but firm nudge. My family and I live in San Carlos and the majority of the places we frequent are within 2.5 miles (5 RT), meaning we can either walk or ride our bikes. We’ve been run/walking our daughters to school (4 miles RT), biking to the market, walking to church and haven’t felt this happy since traveling to London and Paris. I started a FB page called Walk or Bike Weekend!/pages/Walk... .

As an aside, I’m so thankful you’re doing well and producing such important work.

Best wishes,

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