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Comments made by wallallison

Local University Says No To LGBT Organization

PLNU is a well-respected university with fantastic education opportunities and their students have an excellent reputation for being prepared when they graduate. Isn't that what college is about - getting an education so you can be prepared to graduate and be a productive party of society and get a job? I'm so tired of issues like this, which aren't even real issues, getting so much time and attention. Everyone does not have to agree in this country about LGBT issues and if you don't agree, it doesn't mean you are intolerant, uneducated or the like. It just means you have a different viewpoint.

No one is keeping kids who are LGBT at PLNU from having their own support group, from meeting off campus, from meeting in a dorm room, the beach or wherever. The university doesn't have to approve or sanction everything these students do - does it make these students "more gay" to have the university say "we agree with you" - NO. It just makes news, makes headlines, and makes problems for PLNU (and ALL the students) that don't even need to be there.

Real problems can arise out of this ridiculous petition - all groups can be forced to shut down on campus so as not to offend anyone, donations for PLNU can stop, local business can stop being willing to do internships, PLNU students can be looked down upon by future employers and all so some students can have a "sanctioned" group that goes against the beliefs of the very church that it is part of and that supports all students (YES, even those LGBT ones) with about 25-30% of their tuition PAID - it's ridiculous.

Real discrimination would be if the Nazarene church said, "we are going to financially support all students at PLNU, except the ones that are LGBT"... but that's NOT what happens. The Nazarene church financially supports ALL students - even the ones that live a life they don't agree with, one that is LGBT - how much more support does a LGBT student need than to have their education partially paid by an organization that doesn't agree with their lifestyle??? Saying you can't have a sanctioned group on campus is not real discrimination.

December 20, 2012 at 7:31 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

US Veterans 'Banished' To Mexico

The title of this article is misleading... these Vets are not citizens, and while they served our country, they then committed crimes, which is why they were deported. The title should have been "Non-Citizen Vets that Commit Crimes are Deported".

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The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

After living in 4 other states, Prop 13 has always seemed a little out of line with reality. People who still support Prop 13 like to say that if Prop 13 hadn't passed, they would have lost their house a long time ago, but they don't know that. One of the things I see Prop 13 doing is artificially pushing up the values of homes in CA over the past 40 years - lower property taxes, in general, do that for home values. Californians want something they don't want to pay for - they want high value homes without higher property taxes. That's like saying, "I want runway clothing at the Walmart price." Homes in CA are WAY out of the norm and just a couple of years ago a comparison in the Union Tribune compared living in CA or living in ID and the only real difference for the bottom line in cost of living was the price of the home - all other comparison evened out, just not the cost of the homes. That says something for the CA real estate bubble, and I believe Prop 13 played a great part in creating the bubble.

And after having my children in a non-traditional charter school for 4 years, I know that having more money spent on a failing education system will not make it better. Belgium spends, on average, $3000 per student and their education system, especially in high school, is far better than ours. The guests mentioned that NJ spends about $6000 per student, but I don't know if they realize that CA spends about $5000 and even more like $5500 on high school students and having an extra $500 or even $1000 will not make our schools better. So, if the basis for repealing Prop 13 is more about "making our schools better", that is ridiculous because schools don't need more money, we need an entirely NEW education system as this hugest of all government monopolies is a massive failure.

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