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Comments made by wga

KPBS Strengthens News Service

Having These Days absent from the 9:00am time slot is a sobering reminder of how important a local voice is after national & international news. Here and Now is fine. I liked it previously, and I still like it. However, I think it would be better at another time. Perhaps 10am instead of World Have Your Say, which from what I've heard of it is interesting in a train wreck--can't look away though I want to--sort of way. Barring the return of These Days to the 9am time, which I would love to happen, a locally-centered program similar to it would be a good alternative.  

BBC news at 9pm, along with the Q, so not good quite frankly but for different reasons. The Q program I simply don't enjoy. After a day of constant talk, more talk from the radio is not what I'm looking for. For me, evening talk is time spent with family and friends. What parts of the BBC news I've heard in the evening is often repetitive and brings us back to the talk issue for me as well. So, sadly I find myself turning away from my public radio station more and more, especially in the evening. Whereas before it was a calming element in the evening, now it's anything but. Hopefully, Performance Today will return to the evening schedule as before.

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KPBS Strengthens News Service

I found this quote by KPBS program director John Decker on quite interesting. The article states, "John Decker, KPBS’s programming director, said the station doesn’t expect to lose the wealthy listeners who like the classical programming and contribute donations. “They have money, they’re older, they’re upscale, yeah, but they also listen to news programming,” he said, predicting that they’ll continue to do so."

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KPBS Strengthens News Service


Forgive the quick reply, but I don't have much time at the moment.

Thank you for addressing my points. I appreciate your attentiveness to this board and the issues raised. I certainly hope that the members' requests about Performance Today will be taken seriously and the program returned to the line-up.

I also agree with a couple of other comments pertaining to BBC. While I enjoy the program currently on the air, multiple hours of BBC programming is simply too much for one day. I understand that this is the beginning of changes to the programming, and I hope that those decision makers responsible for it will be open to what their public has to say even if it doesn't come in the form of a Research Works survey.

Having The Blues Box, World Cafe, and/or American Roots (thanks to jmckane for reminding me of this great program) added to the schedule will benefit the SD audience. Such programs situate us in a larger world context in a way that strictly news formatting, which has its place and a particular delivery method, cannot. While one (news) may help us to see what's going on and how it might impact us, the other fleshes out, if you will, other world experiences.

Thanks again!

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KPBS Strengthens News Service

There's also Blues before Sunrise, which is good as well.

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KPBS Strengthens News Service

KEEP PERFORMANCE TODAY!!!!! Daily at 9:00 pm is a good time for it.

I was very disappointed in Tom Karlo's response this morning regarding Performance Today concerns. Sending those who listen to and love Performance Today to classical music on a stream or telling them to buy an HD radio seemingly lacks understanding in the value of this program to those who listen to it as well as the ability of ALL KPBS listeners to access the internet in their homes or buy another radio. Performance Today is an excellent program that cannot be replaced by simply offering streamed classical music.

I'm deeply disappointed with this move to 24/7 news. That's not particularly supportive to a balanced life. We don't need 24/7 news on our public radio station. I've lived in other states, and their respective public radio stations thrive by offering a balance between strong news programs and music (i.e. Blues Box and World Cafe--both awesome programs) in their Monday-Friday programming. In addition, although I can see why moving These Days to Noon fits into the overall goal of the station, as discussed this morning on that program, ultimately, more people will lose out on a very good program than will be gained. The new hour doesn't fit into my usual daily schedule, so I'll miss it very much. This is a great program in the 9:00 hour (Maureen Cavanaugh does an excellent job) and should remain there, even if they want to eliminate the 10:00 hour since there has not been enough listeners at that time. I'll say the same for the new Roundtable--it should stay at 9:00am on Friday. I like the idea of moving it from a strictly editor's format, but I hope the editor's continue to play a strong role in it.

I'm sure there was a more productive way to maintain the core programs in their current times while still increasing the presence of news programs without virtually negating the current line-up. One caller this morning brought up an interesting point. What feedback from those who enjoy KPBS was garnered before moving forward with these changes? As the caller stated, and I paraphrase her, is KPBS moving from Public radio to Producer's Club radio?

Finally, please KEEP PERFORMANCE TODAY!!!!!

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