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Comments made by whsengr

SDG&E Hoping For Final Approval On Sunrise Powerlink

Sunrise Powerlink;

First of all I think it would be a good idea that when someone calls into your program they indicate whether they are being paid by SDG&E.

I live in El Monte Valley and so I am directly impacted by the Powerlink running down this valley. The Powerlink runs behind the south side of my property. The biggest concern for me is fire. I know that SDG&E will say that these type of lines do not cause fire, but then again BP probably said that the type of disaster happening in Gulf was not possible. This valley is a closed end valley so the west end is the only way in and out. The problem I see with the line located where it is that there would be no warning if the line caused the fire. It is not like there is some distance so that there is time for a reverse 911 call to warn us. The fire would be on top of us before we could react. We live on a washboard dirt road and I didn't hear that SDG&E is going to pave our road so that we can get out of this valley faster. We are on well water, so if SDG&E cuts off our power most of us don't have any means to fight the fire. Another thing the 200 foot tall towers will cause is additional restrictions on the ability of fire departments to fight the fire.

That is my concern is the fire.

SDG&E has a scheduled public meeting in Lakeside on the 27th at 6 pm and I think it would be great if you could have some of your people at the meeting. They supposedly are going to have a simulation of the Powerlink route through El Monte Valley.

Bill Schmidt

May 7, 2010 at 10:58 a.m. ( | suggest removal )