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Comments made by wild_fish

Is It Time To Move Fish Farming Into Open Waters?

Well the above comment didn't format correctly so that sucks.

BTW if you don't believe what I have posted above look at salmon farming. Everything I mentioned has happened with salmon and will happen in coastal California if Hubbs is allowed to rape the ocean.

July 12, 2011 at 12:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Is It Time To Move Fish Farming Into Open Waters?

Dear KPBS, Is the most bias, worthless, clearly bought and paid for article I have ever heard on any NPR station. Please take you Hubbs Seaworld paid for articles over to Fox News.

Fin fish aquaculture will
1) Deplete natural fish through:
overfishing of forage fish
increased pollution
increased disease transmission
decreased genetic diversity, from escaped farm fish
and increase wild fish fishing
2) Decrease the number of area jobs
Fin fish aquaculture decreases the cost of wild fish, forcing wild fishermen to over-fish, leading to collapse of fisheries and fewer jobs (not only will wild fishermen be out of job but those that they support .e.g., boat repairs, fuel, marinas etc.)

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