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Comments made by willedchilled

Roundtable: Tuite Not Guilty; Genetic Testing Shutdown; Drones Coming To San Diego?

About 23 and Me: Though I can't speak to the aggressive marketing of 23 and Me, I would like to mention that they have also used their service to gather data about diseases. Even when the cost was $400, if you had Parkinson's disease, you could get the test for free, because they were trying to build a database of Parkinson's patients, since no one has really found predisposing genetic factors for Parkinson's, or any links to any particular genes. Of course this would benefit them if they could find such a link, but it would also be useful to the entire scientific community, since Parkinson's treatments are not very effective. The company is uniquely placed to examine connections like this as more and more people submit samples. Yes, would even be more powerful with full genome, but lots of people do the 23 and Me test out of ancestral lineage curiosity, not medical interest, and aren't going to pay more for that.

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