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Comments made by winston1952

'Casa Del Jardin' Offers Girls A Life After Prostitution

Trafficking for any purpose is a human rights travesty. It needs to be stamped out and the victims helped as they are here. However conflating trafficking with sex work is wrong as well. As pointed out in the article people are trafficked for every possible reason. If sex work were legal there might be less reason for trafficking for sex. Rarely do criminal enterprises compete with legitimate business and that would hold true in sex work.
Why is prostitution against the law? Where is the crime when two adults agree to have sex in exchange for money? This isn’t trafficking, which isn’t a sex crime but is a human rights abuse. Those forced into sex workshould not be charged with prostitution but should be rescued from the traffickers. These laws allow too many dehumanize sex workers. If they aren't looked on as having the same rights as the rest of society then those who prey on women find easy targets in sex workers. This attitude needs to change we need to see sex workers as people with the same wants and needs and rights as the rest of society.
Prostitution has been around forever and will be with us forever as well. We need to change our approach. Many escorts are in the business voluntarily and are contributing members of society. They pay taxes raise children and contribute to the economy. Yet they are forced to live outside of society. They live at risk of robbery assault rape (yes rape) and murder without recourse to protection under the law.
Legalizing will allow escorts the opportunity to contact police when they need to. Right now they can't because no matter why they call they are subject to arrest. Believe me escorts who are in the business for themselves are as against trafficking as you are. Legalization will allow escorts to be removed from the criminal element.
If you want to learn more about escorts watch the documentary "American Courtesans" This is a movie where sex workers, their families and even customers have a chance at speaking unscripted about their lives. It is powerful and fascinating and has been shown in film festivals all over the world including the ECU festival in Paris and Women's International festival in Miami and won awards for best editing and best documentary.

Kristen DiAngelo is also a voice for the rights of all sex workers and has launched The American Courtesans Project to bring light and humanity to the world of sex work. She is giving lectures at Rutgers and San Francisco State later in the year.

American Courtesans is available on-demand in over 100 million homes across the US and Canada -- including the largest cable systems in the country - and iTunes. It is also available on DVD and BluRay on, amazon, and ebay.

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