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Comments made by wlekas

Merits Of New Carlsbad Power Plant To Be Debated

They have been fighting over the plant for awhile now and they keep going over the same issues. So nothing has really changed. The overriding reason for building the new plant there is that the site and the infrastructure are all there now. To move the plant to another location would entail moving all the infrastructure to another location which by itself is a costly project.

Does the City of Carlsbad want to pay for the infrastructure move? The site that I have heard about is next to an Oceanside development so then there would have to be buy-in from that development as well as Oceanside to use that area. There would have to be power lines built to access the electricity. Gas lines built to supply fuel. What are the chances of that? And the plant has been on the coast from the beginning and all that is there already.

We have peaker plants in San Diego County as well as the 20% of San Onofre. We buy power from Arizona, Nevada, Mexico and other areas but we have little "in basin" generation. We need to have resources here in the county in the event of some catastrophic failure from our suppliers (remember Arizona recently). When the grid goes down it is not simply resetting switches . . . it takes time to do that. There are 15,300 PV installations in the county and when the power went down . . . so did they.

In summary, we need local power generation and they have to built somewhere. How much more do we have to pay to put it where no one will have an issue?

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Blackout Unplugs San Diego Economy

I'm one of the guys who has to attach a value on events based on available data and what we "know". When I see these kind of projections I wonder where these people got what they "know". If you have freezers and refrigerators that you don't open and close all the time, the temp does not go up radically. The power was off (dark). What are you doing in the refrigerator? The stores were dark, as in closed. This all sounds horrendous but the reality is far less than the projections. The loss is probably from no one shopping (since everything is closed) for the period of time between say 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM. But then if they are partying in the dark they have to stock up the next day so it may be an net increase in spending!

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