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Comments made by xelanbonn

Study Finds Immigrants Generate 25% Of GDP In San Diego County

Please take the time to learn the facts on both kinds of immigration (lawful and unlawful). This is a very complex issue but one fact that is rarely touted is the reality that over 90% of unlawful immigrants have committed at least one felony (Identity theft, document fraud, employment fraud, entering the US after being deported once---the list is very long). As a past advisor to the White House and an expert on this issue, I would only ask that everyone review all sides of the coin on this issue. Amnesty will cost the US trillions of dollars and is unconstitutional. Few Americans are for violating the Constitution. Respect and welcome legal immigrants but realize there is a price for high immigration on the environment and in lost wages and standard of living for those already here. We cannot end world poverty by importing it to America. We end it by staying to true our values, creating wealth, and using that wealth to help others in need to better their lives in their own countries... Please read this article before you decide otherwise:

Illegal Immigration: Facts Are Very Scary!

March 9, 2010 at 9:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )