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Comments made by xicano

UCSD Makes Slow But Steady Progress In Diversity

CaliforniaDefender knows nothing about UCSD--taxpayer dollars make up less than ten percent of its total budget and the last Communist professor was forced to retire in 1970. So CaliforniaDefender is defending California from what exactly? Intelligent students who know more about making a UC education accessible to CA youth than overpaid administrators? Youth of color who are not afraid to speak out on behalf of those who will come behind them? The students who organized at UCSD last year will become our brightest leaders. The UCSD administration's full press publicity blitz to salvage its brand and make the general public believe the university is reforming itself is destined to fail. UCSD official Daley says "We're doing diversity." What in the world does that mean? How do you "do diversity"? The campus bureaucracy continues to be burdened by officials without a vision or a strategic plan and faculty who have relinquished public education to the corporations.

February 18, 2011 at 4:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )