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Comments made by yellowroselady

National Push For Chelsea's Law Gets Backing From Ex-Facebook Counsel

As horrible as the loss of this young person was we must stop adding more laws due to high profile cases and focus on what was overlooked in this case...there were several things regarding Mr. Gardner that were ignored by the folks managing him. Research it for yourself.

I think everyone who will read this knows who Patty Wetterling is. Just in case you don't she is the Mother of Jacob Wetterling who was abducted at the age of 11 and the situation has, to date, not been solved. Patty went on to establish a foundation in Jacob's name and worked diligently with state and federal folks to pass law after law. Patty is now part of the NCMEC. Patty did an interview recently basically saying the sex offender laws have gone too far.

Please work to educate children, teens and parents about ways to stay safe and help the legislators understand the recidivism rate for another "sexual" offense is 5% and the other 95% of sexual offenses come from within the family, acquaintances and those having access to the children.

Vicki Henry
Women Against Registry dot com

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Judge Rules San Diego Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Unreasonable

I read a story just a couple of days ago where a guy in New York was arrested 'again' for failure to register a 'new' address. Ironically, he was living in a storage unit. If he had reported that he lived there would that have been enough to stop local law enforcement and the U.S.Marshals from reacting as they did? NO! Why? Because they can!!!

This article, like many others, indicates there are very few options and while the lawmakers think they are 'doing the right thing' with these laws and restrictions they are wrong! Many studies as well as noted psychologist have reported these knee-jerk laws do nothing to protect one child.

This brings to mind a phrase I heard at a symposium in New York last year....."When you are a hammer....everything looks like a nail....

Let's lay the hammer down and work toward the safety and well being of all so that we can become a society that other nations look up to instead of ridicule when it comes to sexual offense laws and residency restrictions.

Vicki Henry
Women Against Registry dot com

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Sexual Predators: Are Tougher Laws The Answer?

How your son could end up on the sex offender list
Let's say your son turns 18. He gets a job at the local carnival, running the ride where the kids lie face down and spin around till they shriek with delight (or puke). Before each ride he has to buckle the kids in so they don't fly out. But then tragedy strikes. Oh, don't worry. Nobody goes flying. They're buckled just fine. But one girl does tell her mother, "He touched my bottom!"

The mom alerts the police.

The police come over and ask, "Is that true?" Your son replies, "Maybe. I have to lock the bar around their waists and between their legs. They squirm. It could have happened."
The next day the police take him in for questioning. They ask him the same thing, this time with the videotape running. He gives them the same answer.

It is considered his confession. He is convicted of "Indecent Assault and Battery on a Child." He goes to jail for nine months. He is put on the Sex Offender Registry -- for life.

Meantime, a few years later, your younger son is now 18. He's at the urinal in the school bathroom during a weekend service project. A girl too young to read bursts in and he yells, "Out out out! Get out!" She starts crying and leaves. Her mom is concerned. The police are called. Was he in the men's room with a girl? Well, yes. Since everyone agrees the girl was not touched, he is convicted of "Visual Sexual Aggression Against a Child" -- the crime of having a child see his genitals. He does six months in jail. He's placed on the Sex Offender Registry for the next 10 years.

Let us remember this when we look up our local sex offender maps and see two convicts: One who ostensibly exposes himself to children and one who ostensibly assaults them.

We consult those maps because we are hardwired to worry about our children. We worry about them getting hurt by strangers. But few of us worry about them getting hurt by strange laws that can put a young man behind bars for touching a child, even accidentally, on the bottom, in public, with everyone's clothes on. Or for having a child, even accidentally, glimpse his private parts.

The mom of these two young men put it pretty succinctly: "We're all just one accusation away from the sex offender registry."

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