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Comments made by zackgribben

School Officials Look Into Serra High Blackface Incident

@ JeanMarc - I agree that we should be teaching our students, but as they get older you cannot predict what they get offended about. Coming from a black and white background, I do not get offended much by racial tactics, I figure out a way to overcome. You listed a different scenario then what is happening; a student offending a student, and a teacher offending a student. We as leaders much teach our children right and wrong, legal and illegal. But if we have teachers/coaches (leaders), walking a thin line in society’s eyes, then we have to react quickly to provide understanding to our children. However, not all children are afforded that opportunity to learn and discuss openly the issues at hand. With their thoughts and views going unnoticed, or ignored, then their take on the situation can be infectious. We as adults are not immune to the spread of a thought, or idea. So why are we holding are children to a higher level?...

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School Officials Look Into Serra High Blackface Incident

The fact is that they are public figures in which youth, black, white, yellow, or brown, look up to as leaders. All it takes is one of those students to become offended and upset, which then can bring down the whole moral of a school. They should not be fired, as adults we still make mistakes and need to learn from our mistakes. Firing them will only subdue the needed for remedial training when it is necessary to educate them, as they advance in leadership roles.

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