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Comments made by zafiro

In-Home Care Program Fraud Claims Don't Add Up

There is fraud - it is prevalent. There are 2 level of people receiving care
One group is family member caring for family member - it's rife with problems but is something that would be hard to validate .
Seniors alone without family support are the most vulnerable. They have extreme difficulty with utilizing or being able to utilize IHSS because of the complexity in: locating , finding , interviewing, checking references, hiring, employment process paperwork, instructing, supervising and authorizing work time.
The IHSS program as I see it is riddled with inefficiencies and has unrealistic expectations of the vulnerable senior in securing a competent, caring homemaker. Many of these seniors are living with self neglect, and impaired physical and mental capacity. Their situation places them at increased risk for victimization, and abuse.

Vulnerable seniors who can remain at home with support but find it impossible to manage this complex program.

Seniors are frequently being victimized of actual work time versus reported time authorized/paid – ( can’t see reported hours on a complex, small time card, afraid to disagree; feel somebody is better than nobody).

Seniors are frequently robbed of personal effects as well as money.

IHSS SW staffing is frequently changing – lack of ability to establish a rapport/history to measure increase/decrease in client’s cognitive and functional capacity. Client doesn’t know who to call. Case Loads for the IHSS SW’s – are excessive. Most seniors are not savvy enough to take it to a higher level for intervention.

Communication is frequently difficult. Staff with accents; difficult for client to hear and understand.

The cuts the governor is making are harsh - Better they improve the system - If you look at the Grand Jury Report: "San Diego County Elder Care Program - Golden Years in Crisis"
and than look at the County's response which was something akin to - we are doing the job as dictated by the mandates - there isn't enough funding.

I'm happy to hear they are doing better background checks and they are requiring fingerprints to be affixed to time sheets
I am sad to see that probably the most vulnerable group -seniors without family will probably be affected the most. Frequently the hours of service they receive are for help with housekeeping, shopping etc -

The State and County don't want to be the employer and take the responsibility because of fear of liability - They make the patient/client the employer - State and County are the middleman to authorize the service ( eligibility and time allocation), State pays the bill.
The issue is complex - slashing the budget is not the answer - it is a much needed program - it needs better over-site and supervision.

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