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Lee Ann Kim

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ANNOUNCER: KPBS celebrates Cultural Diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We're honoring Local Heroes for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Let's meet Lee Ann Kim, founder of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. LEE ANN KIM: The reason I started the Festival is at the time I was the President of the Asian American Journalist Association, and I thought how can we engage the larger community in stories of culture, and cultural enrichment and education. And we thought, film! So in the year 2000, at the University of San Diego, we presented our very first film festival. From that point on, I realized, we need to make this into a Foundation, into something bigger, that's year round, that's servicing the community beyond just the film festival. What we do is not just for Asians, and Asian Americans, it's for everybody. It's about coexisting and having this enriching society and enriching life. That's what I hope to achieve. ANNOUNCER: Find out more at

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