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Randy K. Jones

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ANNOUNCER: KPBS Celebrates Cultural Diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We honor local heroes throughout the year who are making a difference in our community. Meet Randy K. Jones, Assistant United States Attorney who prosecutes federal crimes that are committed in San Diego and Imperial counties, and was past president of the 20,000 member National Bar Association, the largest association of African American lawyers. RANDY K. JONES: What do I think of the justice system in America? I think it’s the best system in the world. Even though it’s not a perfect system, I still believe it’s the best system in the world because it gives everybody the opportunity to have their day in court. I think it’s tremendously important to give back to the community. I’m a member of the board of manages at the Jackie Robinson family YMCA. I’m very proud that some of those kids who just wondered in off the street, ended up getting a college education. Find out more at slash heroes.

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