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Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

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HARRIET SALARNO: And he shot her and murdered her execution style. And he went up to his dorm, didn't call any help or anything, watched her trying to call, and ah, and she died. And finally some other student found her but it was too late. JOANNE FARYON: How many years has your daughter's murderer been in prison now? SALARNO: 30 years. FARYON: And do you think that he ever will get out? SALARNO: I hope not, not the way he is today. I have to tell you truthfully, I have the biggest fear of him coming out. I am scared to death for my daughter and my husband because he was also the godchild, my husband's godchild. And he thought Mike would save him and not let him go to prison. So, they have vengeance. And they don't forget at any age. It's important I keep him there.

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