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Shahri Estakhry

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ANNOUNCER: KPBS celebrates cultural diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We're honoring local heroes for Women's History Month who are making a difference in the community. SHAHRI ESTAKHRY: My name is Shahri Estakhry and I'm a first generation immigrant from Iran. My passion has been charity for children. ANNOUNCER: Shahri founded the Dollar- A – Month Fund charity which is volunteer run. SHAHRI ESTAKHRY: It's really important to us to be able to help orphanages. To help children around the world who are in need. Education, nutrition and health are our primary concern. We really started it because we wanted everybody to be able to participate… children, young people, ordinary people. We wanted everyone to come and say, I can afford a dollar a month. You're doing it from the bottom of your heart, because you love this, you know it makes a difference. ANNOUNCER: Find out more at

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