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Dr. Ellen Beck, MD

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Video Transcript:

ANNOUNCER: KPBS celebrates Cultural Diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We're honoring Local Heroes for Jewish Heritage Month, let's meet Dr. Ellen Beck, Co-Founder and Director of the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project. DR. ELLEN BECK: At the Free Clinic Project, we train the medical students to be healers and teachers and advocates for their patients. The students came to me and said, "could we start a free clinic?" We identified some remarkable community partners, got permission of the University, and about twelve years ago we started. We have doctors and medical students, pharmacy faculty and pharmacy students, social workers and social work interns, law students with law school faculty, dentists and pre-dental students. Everybody's working together with the patient at the center, and the goal is create an environment where the person can take charge of their health and their life. ANNOUNCER: Find out more at