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Gracia Molina de Pick

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ANNOUNCER: KPBS celebrates Cultural Diversity in partnership with Union Bank. We're honoring Local Heroes for Hispanic Heritage Month. Gracia Molina de Pick describes her early teaching days and her support of the Logan Heights Library. GRACIA MOLINA DE PICK: I could see when I first went to teach in National City, that our children were failing miserably, miserably. And that the amount of Mexican American children that were in classes for the mentally retarded was appalling! There was nothing wrong with these children other than that they spoke Spanish only. So, that's where I started, and I said "No way, no way." I've always loved libraries, always loved libraries. And I started saying, "Oh goodness, a good library would be a wonderful thing." And I know that in this particular neighborhood, families come here, I've seen the mother's clubs, I see the kids over there, it's being used. ANNOUNCER: Find out more at

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