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Dr. Edith Eva Eger

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I'm Pierre Habis at Union Bank at Union Bank. Diversity is one of our most closely held values. This is why we're proud to honor local heroes in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month. EGER: My name is Dr. Edie Eva Eger. I'm a clinical psychologist and I like to guide people from darkness to light and how to find hope in hopelessness. I think Auschwitz gave me an opportunity to discover traits I never thought were possible. I lecture to children about bullying, how not to allow other people to define who you are. There is a wonderful gift of God, the gift of memory. I consider it truly my duty to say not just what happened to us, but how we can use everything in life as an opportunity for growth. ANNOUNCER: This moment has been made possible by Union Bank in partnership with KPBS.

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