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Jeri Dilno

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PIERRE HABIS: Hello, I’m Pierre Habis of Union Bank. Diversity is one of our most closely held values. This is why we’re proud to honor local heroes in celebration of LGBT Pride Month. Let’s meet one of our honorees. Jeri Dilno: My name is Jeri Dilno and I’m a community activist. I was discharged from the Air Force in 1961. I had an undesirable discharge and it was a very personally devastating time. My first gay pride event was in 1972. It was very empowering and somewhat amazing for someone who had grown up in the closet. Today, for instance, I can look around and see young people coming out and not being afraid and being quite open and affirming of themselves as well as affirming of their community. It’s a feeling of having a legacy, that makes their lives much easier and they will be making lives in the future much easier.

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