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Mike Kawamura

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PIERRE HABIS: Hello, I'm Pierre Habis of Union Bank. Diversity is one of our most closely held values. This is why we're proud to honor local heroes in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Lets meet one of our honorees. HOST: As a chemist working for Keyocera, Mike Kawamura came to San Diego in nineteen seventy one to produce ceramic packages for the new semiconductor industry. MiKE KAWAMURA: The process we developed is very very unique. We received many orders from semiconductor customers such as Intel, Texas Instruments and Motorola. I believe we changed the industry of semiconductors. HOST: As a survivor of Hiroshima, Mike is also an advocate for world peace. MiKE KAWAMURA: To remember the past is to commit ourselves to the future. With my experience of working with people around the world, my heart become very very rich.

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