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Gussie Zaks

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Video Transcript:

PIERRE HABIS: Hello, I'm Pierre Habis of Union Bank. Diversity is one of our most closely held values. This is why we're proud to honor local heroes in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month. Lets meet one of our honorees. MARCIA ROSENBERG: For the past 39 years, my mother, Gussie Zaks, has been speaking to schools in San Diego and to anyone who wants to learn about the Holocaust. When my mother started talking, there was no "Schindler's List." There was no show. And she felt that this story needs to be told. Mostly high school kids is who she speaks to. Sometimes high school kids can have a little bit of an attitude, and she stands up to them. They call her "Gutsy Gussie." She just has a way of connecting with them. My mother has a passion, and this is her passion. And I'm just very proud of her for doing it.