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Video Production Services

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The word turnkey best describes our full service production studios. We are ready to provide you with everything you need to complete your video production including producers, directors, script writers, crews, cameras, sets, transmission, editing services, recording, duplication and fulfillment.

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Studio Productions

KPBS Studio A • 60' x 80' studio with the light grid at 17'
• Two wall hard-cyc.
• Fully equipped carpenter shop
• Large prop storage facility
• Experienced lighting and set designers

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Stage Rentals

Sample stage rental with green screenTwo sound stages constructed floating floor, room-within-a-room design concept for superior acoustic isolation at low frequency. Full lighting and grip packages, San Diego's largest hard cyc and Green Screen are assets to many productions throughout Southern California.

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Satellite Services

Some satellitesWith satellite communications and fiber optic technology, you can communicate information across town or around the globe. • Business Television
• Video News Release
• Distance Learning
• Live Events
• Satellite Media Tours

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Location Productions

Sample location production with crew memberLocation production delivers in hi-definition, standard definition, and digital video. Our single or multi-camera film style provides the highest-quality look for an affordable price, backed by the technical expertise and artistic vision of our award-winning production crew.

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Editing Services

Our editing servicesKPBS houses 6 new Final Cut Pro HD editing suites for your post productions needs. KPBS is also home to Discreet® Smoke® systems which deliver unprecedented speed and workflow performance and industry-leading visual-effects tools.

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Graphics and Animation

Sample graphics and animation stillDigital painting, compositing, 2D and 3D animation are just a few of the effects we can create and manipulate to enhance your video or program.
• Design
• Visual Effects
• Production

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We can put together a comprehensive Cost Estimate for your production. Email or call 619-594-4486 - we will take care of the rest!

Photo Gallery

Take a look inside our state-of-the-art production facility.